Hiring A Demolition Contractor

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Hiring A Demolition Contractor

Hiring A Demolition Contractor


While demolition is a relatively simple and straightforward process, it can be challenging and intimidating for any homeowner doing it for the very first time. While it can seem appealing to do at least some of the demolition yourself the fact is that it’s hot, dirty and you can potentially run into asbestos materials or lead based paint. So, it’s important to let the professionals take care of your demolition for you.

A basic overview

Were permits obtained?

Our demolition services can assist you with obtaining the necessary permits from local authorities in advance of any demolition work starting.

Cutting off utilities 

If you need your utilities disconnected prior to work commencing, we can communicate with the utility companies on your behalf. Before tearing down any structure, it is crucial to ensure that the gas and electricity supplies are turned off.

Hazardous Waste Disposal 

The removal and disposal of hazardous materials will be done in a safe, environmentally responsible manner if hazardous materials are present on the site or if they are discovered during our survey.

 Different Types of Demolition


There are also various types of demolition that you need to consider, all with a specific purpose.

  • Total demolition
  • Selective demolition
  • Interior demolition
  • Dismantling or deconstruction

Adherence of Local Rules, Laws & Regulations

Demolition requires adhering to a myriad of rules, laws, and regulations and if they are not followed, you may get fined. Working with a professional eliminates the chances of any potential fines by abiding by local regulations.


Does house demolition cost a lot?


A few factors will determine how much it will cost you to demolish your home. There are several things to consider when determining if the property could be salvaged. These include the size, the materials, accessibility, and if anything is salvageable from the premises. The most accurate cost or quote will be given after a site inspection is conducted. Call Titan today for an inspection and quote regarding your demolition project.


Demolition Contractor


Optimal Safety

Your safety and the safety of your neighbors is guaranteed when you work with a professional. Maybe your home has asbestos or lead you don’t know about – the team at Titan knows how to remove and dispose of it properly, eliminating any possibility of it polluting the air or your neighbors by using containments with heavy plastic sheeting and negative airs to create negative pressure inside the work area to ensure no dust or hazardous materials escape. We work up to the highest safety standards and are well-versed in demolishing a wide range of homes, regardless of architectural complexity.


Demolition Contractor You Can Trust


Titan environmental services is based out of Kansas City KS, serving all of Kansas and Missouri. We have been in business for nearly 20 years and have consistently provided our clients with cost-effective demolition, mold, asbestos, lead removal & testing. We take pride in our ability to maintain excellent working relationships with all our clients while also being able to adapt and respond positively to their changing needs.

Call Titan, your local demolition experts today at 913-432-5500 to get answers to all your questions or schedule testing or an appointment for a free estimate. Let Titan’s team of restoration professionals return your indoor space to a healthy and happy place!

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  1. I totally agree when you said that the safety of our neighbors aside from ourselves would be prioritized when hiring professionals. With that in mind, hiring demolition services would be the best thing to do to ensure that the process is done right without damaging other properties and the environment. We just need this done this year to the house that I inherited from my parents. Next year, there will be a new house constructed on that property starting from ground up to match our personal preferences.

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