Mold Removal Kansas City

Titan’s Professional Mold Removal Services:

At Titan Environmental, we know how frustrating it can be to have a water intrusion event occur in your home or business, especially when it causes structural damage and mold growth. We understand the critical steps that must be taken to quickly address and remediate mold growth and microbial contamination in your home or business. We focus on providing our clients with expert mold removal services.

Our Mold Removal services include: 

* Mold Removal (Remediation) and Decontamination

* On-Call 24/7 Emergency Water Extraction and Dry Out Services

* Moisture Mapping and Water Damage Assessments

* Mold, Moisture and Humidity Control Management

Titan’s Professional Mold Inspection and Indoor Air Quality Assessment Services

The Titan team of industrial hygienists are highly experienced in locating the potential sources of water intrusion, assessing indoor air quality, and identifying the location and type of mold growth. Also developing IICRC compliant protocols to remove mold contamination, and working with qualified contractors to ensure that homes and buildings are remediated properly. We take a comprehensive approach to performing mold inspections and indoor air quality assessments as many different factors must be considered when trying to identify the source or sources of intrusion and contamination. 

A wide variety of inspection strategies and measuring equipment are used to help assess indoor air quality, identify sources of moisture and types of mold and the extent of mold contamination.

Our Assessment Services Include:

* A Complete Visual Inspection of the Property, Including Building Envelope and Surrounding Landscape

* Development of a Comprehensive and Detailed Photo Log

* Use of a Thermal Imaging Camera and Moisture Meter to Moisture Map Problem and Non-Problem Areas 

* Use of a Thermo-hygrometer to Measure Real Time Temperature and Relative Humidity 

* Mold, Moisture and Humidity Control Management.

* Collection of Air, Surface or Bulk Samples to Determine the Type and Concentration of Mold Spores and Level of Contamination.

* Generation of a Detailed Written Report of our Findings Including IICRC Compliant Protocols to Remediate the Problem Areas to Prevent Future Occurrences of  Mold Growth and Improve Indoor Air Quality 

* We also offer limited assessments and testing to meet the needs of our clients when full assessments and/or investigations may not be a viable option.

*We offer complete material build back and remodeling services as well.