Titan is proud to offer a great variety of environmental consulting and contracting services, including:
mold inspection
AND removal
asbestos testing
lead paint testing
AND removaL
radon testing
AND mitigatioN
interior AND
selective demolition
EPA lead paint
safety traininG


Titan is a full-service environmental consulting and contracting firm headquartered in Kansas City. We specialize in a wide range of services, including testing and removing mold, asbestos, and lead paint, to both local and national clients. No matter if you’re a property manager, realtor, home inspector, consultant, broker, general contractor, homeowner, remodeler, or insurance adjuster, Titan is here to serve you and efficiently take care of any environmental service you may need.

Titan Delivers Quality Results
Fast approaching our 20th year in business, our team of licensed and experienced environmental professionals has quickly made Titan the most trusted name in Kansas City Missouri. For asbestos removal, mold inspection, lead paint testing, selective demolition, and more. At Titan, our goal is to create the best customer experience by providing our clients with the most cost-effective, timely, and professional service possible.

Prioritize Your Health With Our Environmental Services
Asbestos, mold, and lead paint are incredibly hazardous materials. Exposure to these substances can potentially have extremely severe negative health effects. In particular, asbestos has been linked to lung cancer, asbestosis, pleural disease, and mesothelioma, whereas mold may worsen allergies and asthma in individuals and lead paint can cause lead poisoning and other brain and nervous system impairments. This is why testing your home or property for these contaminants is crucial for keeping you, your family and/or employees healthy and safe. Luckily, Titan is here to help. As a team of highly qualified and experienced environmental contractors, we will work with you to ensure your living or work spaces are secure and free from any risk of exposure to hazardous materials.Asbestos Testing Near Me
Titan is proud to aid both our local communities as well as national clients. No matter where you are located in Kansas City or beyond, if you are interested in hiring a knowledgeable group to undertake your testing or remediation project, Titan is more than happy to assist and effectively decontaminate the area.

Our Services
Titan is proud to offer a great variety of environmental consulting and contracting services, including:

  • Mold inspection and removal
  • Asbestos testing and removal
  • Lead paint testing and removal
  • Radon testing and mitigation
  • Interior and selective demolition
  • EPA lead paint safety training

Working with us also guarantees a certain level of care to your project difficult to find elsewhere. At Titan, we will thoroughly assess the site in question, use our skills and experience to establish an effective plan of action, and achieve your desired outcome on budget and on time. Not to mention we are also incredibly meticulous when it comes to complying with the safety measures, rules, and regulations implemented by OSHA, EPA, and other applicable state and Federal regulations. Titan prioritizes the safety of our clients and team above all else, allowing you to have the peace of mind of knowing we are following the proper protocols to carefully set up our containment, stage equipment, wear the proper personal protective equipment (PPE), safely remove hazardous material, prevent cross contamination, properly decontaminate the work area, and properly dispose of the project waste so we may return your project to you completely decontaminated in a manner that is ultimately safe, lawful, and sustainable.

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